ISSN 2055-3676

Issue Two – December 2014

The Wells Street Journal is an online magazine produced by the students of the MA Creative Writing: Writing the City at the University of Westminster, with a view to helping emerging writers establish their voice in the world.

In an age of rapid technological, industrial and social development, the city and urban living is having an increasing impact on the way we feel, think about, and live our lives. We strive to produce and publish the absolute paramount in short stories, poetry and flash fiction, utilizing the city as an elemental theme.


I am thrilled to have been asked by the Creative writing MA students on Westminster’s Writing the City programme to write a short foreword to the first edition of their online magazine the Wells Street Journal, which will consist of fiction and poetry pieces written by the group. The concept for the journal, along with the production of the magazine has been initiated entirely by the students. I wish them all well with this exciting new venture.
Rachel Lichtenstein, artist, writer and lecturer

What I love in poetry is the element of surprise.  When words show us the world in a new light or startle us out of our complacency.  Poems are often traditionally associated with the natural world, the beauty of rural landscapes or flowers.  Yet as more and more of us live in cities, much contemporary poetry is increasingly inspired by the urban. They say if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life and that is because it is a city that is constantly surprising the huge variety of people who live there.  That vibrancy and diversity is reflected in the poems presented here.  There is a freshness to the language used, an excitement at discovering one of the great capitals of the world, and a fearlessness at tackling the good, the bad and the ugly.  Enjoy!
Aoife Mannix, poet, writer and workshop facilitator

The Wells Street Journal is a fresh, charming and witty compilation of new creative work from the Westminster MA. I’m genuinely impressed by what I’m seeing, and hearing, from the samples. God speed, Suerte and Voraus, Wells Street Journal!
Michael Nath, writer and professor

“There is a lot of exciting writing coming out of the University of Westminster, so the Wells Street Journal is a great addition to literary London, and beyond!”
Max Porter, writer and Senior Editor at Granta Books

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